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Let our RescueBox I.T. support heroes fight your tech battles for you. We’ll access your device, remotely, and ensure that your tech troubles are resolved, no matter where you are.

Your I.T. Heroes

RescueBox is South Africa’s first entirely remote I.T. support service. Our team is made up of highly-skilled and passionate agents, who are ready to assist you with all your I.T. needs.

Has your PC slowed down to a crawl? Printer not printing? Unwanted popups wreaking havoc with your browsing experience? Need assistance with the installation of hardware? No problem!

With your permission, we’ll access your device at the click of a button and resolve your technical issues in no time. We'll even update your software and improve your PC's performance while we're at it!

Available on most platforms

Remote Support

Our tech heroes are waiting to come to your rescue by accessing your desktop or smartphone with our remote support solution.

Why call a technician to come to your home? We offer the same service far more conveniently! Our technicians will remotely access your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone and resolve your dilemma in half the time. By allowing you to forget about expensive call-out fees, we ensure that you receive the best quality I.T. assistance at a fraction of the cost.

Using our superpowers and the latest in technology, our I.T. support team is able to connect to your device without even being there. This means that we can update your settings, optimise your device and resolve your I.T. issues directly from our headquarters.

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Live Chat

You receive convenient access to our I.T. heroes directly through our website.

Help is at your fingertips. Chat to our team of heroes through our Live Chat option.

Should you wish to chat with us here, instead of giving us a ring or emailing, open the tab in the bottom right-hand side of your screen. Type your message to us, and we’ll respond in a flash!

Email Support

We’re also available via email!

Pop us a mail at and let us save the day.
Simply explain the situation, press 'send' and we'll do the rest.

Mobile Apps

Our Mobile Support App ensures that help is never far away.

Because our skills don’t end at computers, we have a Mobile Support App to provide you with speedy assistance in your battle against I.T. issues!

Our Mobile Support App helps to grant your hero access to your device so that we can resolve all of your I.T. frustrations.
Simply download the App, request assistance, and let us come to the rescue.

Download our Mobile App to enable you I.T. hero to remotely access your smart device.

Rescue Lens

Let our I.T. support heroes view the problem through your eyes!

Setting up hardware and need our heroes to tell you what goes where? Through the power of technology our I.T. heroes can assist!

Our tech heroes will remotely connect to your smartphone’s camera. This means that we can view what is happening on your end in real time. Show us what the issue is, and let us help save the day!

Download the Rescue Lens App that allows your I.T. hero to connect to your smart device’s camera to view hardware installation issues through your eyes.


We are dedicated to fighting the crime of I.T. frustrations, and protecting your privacy.

We ensure that your privacy is our number one priority. The once-off support pin allows our technicians access to your device for the period of the service only. Once our I.T. hero has resolved your tech issue, the hero will inform you that they will be exiting your device. Thereafter, we won’t have access to your device unless you request that a new support pin is generated.


Why RescueBox?

Remote I.T. & smartphone support over the phone

Highly skilled professionals at your service

Real time support

No long-term contracts

Step 1

Get Started

Once you have successfully completed the simple sign-up process, you will receive an activation email and SMS to confirm your subscription. You can then call on your heroes at any time for support using your ID number as a reference.

Step 2

Connect With a Hero

There are two ways you can connect with your I.T. hero. You can either call our I.T. support desk on 0861 000 687, or live chat with us by opening the support window at the bottom of the screen to log your tech issue and get your 6-digit support pin.

Step 3

Remote Support

For mobile support, download the “Rescue + Mobile” App and input your pin, or click the link in the SMS to give them remote access. For desktop support, input your pin on the website. For hardware support, download the “Rescue Lens” App, and input your pin.

Step 4

Remote Fixing

Now that your heroes have remote access and are working to resolving your tech troubles, you are able to watch them live on your screen. You can also end the session yourself at any time, should you need to.

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Step One: Connect

Connect with your I.T. hero by completing one of the following steps:

Call 0861 000 687

We’re ready to take your call from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 9pm.


Live Chat with us

Simply send your hero a message by clicking the chat window at the bottom of our website.

Step Two: Device

What device do you need help with?

Input your pin code

Grant your hero access to your device by inputting the six-digit pin code here.

Look out for an SMS

Your hero will now send you an SMS with a link that will allow them access to your device. When you have received the SMS, click on the link.


Download Mobile App

Once you have installed the Mobile App on your device, input the six-digit pin obtained from your hero.

Download our Rescue Lens App

Once you have installed the Rescue Lens App on your device, input the six-digit pin you have received from your hero.